2019 Summer Survival Challenge

2019 Meadowlands Summer Survival Challenge

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment’s 2019 Summer Survival Challenge (THE CHALLENGE) runs May 3, 2019 through August 3, 2019.



Highest total bankroll based on pari-mutuel payouts from a $2.00 Across The Board wager ($2.00 to win, place and show) on your race selection.

Grand Prize: $1,000.00 & 2020 WHHC Spot

Second Place: $500.00 & 2020 WHHC Spot

Third: $250.00 & 2020 WHHC Spot


Most Winners:  $250.00


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    I come from the "old country".....Roosevelt Raceway

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Thursday, 03 January 2013 13:01
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  • HoldenMyown
    2 years ago

    Q. What has 23 teeth and an IQ of 88?
    A. The staff of Racing 123

    How hard can it be to correct the mistake made Fri night when they flipped the results of the entry?
    They are still showing Danish Durango as the winner
    My win count is short by 2.

    Did someone say count to 10 and 1,2,3 was as far as they could get?
    Uh, 1,2, another, another, another.
    Marvin Maker drives better than they code.

  • HoldenMyown
    4 years ago

    Time for a letter to the Meadowlands management about the company the hired to run this.
    They sure seem better at making all the negative comments from last weeks debacle disappear than actually having someone on duty to run this during the actual contest hours.
    Clearly these people have no hands.
    Whoever hired these amateurs should have made them qualify a few times.

    atomic If I or anyone else report a comment for whatever reason,..they take em down......
    4 years ago 1