2019 Summer Survival Challenge

2019 Meadowlands Summer Survival Challenge

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment’s 2019 Summer Survival Challenge (THE CHALLENGE) runs May 3, 2019 through August 3, 2019.



Highest total bankroll based on pari-mutuel payouts from a $2.00 Across The Board wager ($2.00 to win, place and show) on your race selection.

Grand Prize: $1,000.00 & 2020 WHHC Spot

Second Place: $500.00 & 2020 WHHC Spot

Third: $250.00 & 2020 WHHC Spot


Most Winners:  $250.00


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  • Pucksnponies
    3 years ago

    can anybody get in to make entries for sunday? does not populate for me

    tallodawa Couldn't get my picks in last night and still can't this morning. Have to go to work so I guess I'm screwed
    3 years ago
  • Pucksnponies
    4 years ago

    how did wesvang get 4 lives??