Challenge Winners 2018

Congratulations to all the Winners of the 2018 Meadowlands Summer Survival Challenge

1st Avatar bretsdreamer629 2 634.30
2nd Avatar jlats 1 625.40
3rd Avatar hattie728 1 619.60



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  • jonservidio
    3 years ago

    congrats to the winner, and all top finishers.

  • jonservidio
    3 years ago

    congrats Atomic, top of my friends . I have some of the best friends too.
    best wishes to all.

    atomic thanks Jon...I m sorry im late getting back too you. Make sure too double check at each contest if your in teh group...if not re-join cuss at each site is different.
    3 years ago 1
  • jonservidio
    3 years ago

    trip 4s for day 8 for me,
    good luck for all

    atomic nice picken yesterday Itchy, top of friends list! Great comeback after losing a shew
    3 years ago
  • jonservidio
    3 years ago

    $3.60 on the day, better than a stick in the eye, lol

    have a great week everyone.

  • jonservidio has changed their profile cover.

    3 years ago

  • Danglucky is friends with jonservidio
  • jonservidio
    3 years ago

    hi friends, my number 1 criteria, if the horse has hanover in its name, lol
    good luck to all, and best wishes too

  • jonservidio U.S.A. Punters
    3 years ago

    thanks Atomic, I wouldn't have known there was a contest starting. they didn't send me an email to let me know.
    good luck this contest and always