Winter Survival Challenge

The Winter Survival Challenge for 2019 starts January 4th  - Through March 30th, 2019.


Highest total bankroll based on pari-mutuel payouts from a $2.00 Across The Board wager ($2.00 to win, place and show) on your race selection.

Grand Prize: $1,000 & 2019 WHHC Spot

Second Place: $500 & 2019 WHHC Spot

Third: $250 & 2019 WHHC Spot

Most Winners: $250



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  • gretchen
    2 years ago

    Friday 6/24/2016 Program Pages and‏ picks website page show different races.

    PP pages are races 3,4, 5.On the website the pick entries are races 3,6, 11.
    Anyone seeing the same discrepancy ?

    netsfan3 I meant Gretchen. They have deleted the other past performances. Her post was like when someone told the teacher she had forgotten to give homework. Light banter, is what I am doing.
    2 years ago 1