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Meadowlands Racetrack And Winners Bayonne Closing Monday, March 16, 2020

Based on the new CDC guidelines limiting public gatherings of 50 or more to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Meadowlands Racetrack and Winners Bayonne will be closing beginning at 8 p.m. today, Monday March 16. The health and safety of our employees, horsemen, patrons and community are our top priority. Meadowlands Racetrack will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates when possible.

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  • billy123


    Its good to be back playing again!
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  • Barrymore


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  • bettor2belucky


    fast track for Friday and Saturday, most drivers of note are up in Canada..should get some nice prices
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  • bags0423


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  • Larry54


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  • billyp


    Computers are crazy. For some reason, I couldn't post anything online. My cap lock wouldn't go on as well. Shut the computer off, and turned it back on. PROBLEM SOLVED.
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  • armbroclint43


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  • dragonchef


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  • stable19


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  • Hop


    Good to see the big m back at it. New grandstand?
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  • stier


    good luck good racing happy new year
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  • Markm5068


    Racing Updates:
    Master Pine Friday night Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway Race #8 Post#1 $38500 Open Trot...Jim Pantaleano driving...

    Rapid Ascent Friday night Meadowlands Racetrack Race #4 Post #5...Condition Trot...Andy Miller driving...

    Ok it will be mad dash Friday...going to see if we can hit both races...1 hour and fifteen minutes apart!!! Folks stay off the Major Deegan Friday night...Uncle Al is driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Skizzy


    I need a hot tip for this weekend, I'm $59 out of 3rd with 6 contest races to go and it's time to "swing for the fences"! Somebody tell me something they see on the program that nobody else sees!
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  • 700X


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  • the kraut

    the kraut

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  • scottp1231


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  • kenny anderson

    kenny anderson

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  • longshotken


    meadowlands saturday night jan 5th i'll be there at the finish line bar come on ronnie pierce bring home some big price horses for me you the man
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  • jimmac9


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  • gojira


    how often do we come back to the site to pick a race ?? is this daily , weekly ?? thx
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